Rogue Beach-Short Film

A young woman attempts to rescue her boyfriend's cursed soul from a technology worshiping secret society. Does this story sound interesting? We definitely think that it does! Calvin Welch, the director of this short film, used part of our studio as part of the location of his intriguing short film. He had a great team and amazing concepts!

This film has:

-Unique lighting

-Great Set Design

-Amazing Cinematography

-Great Cast

-Dynamic and intriguing story

We are so excited for this film to be made! Go check out Rogue Beach on Facebook and see their teaser trailer. Also, we love being able to open our studio for those who have a vision and need a space to complete it. So if you are interested in doing a film or photography project and need a space to do it contact us! Call or text: (757) 539-3711.

#shortfilm #cinematography #studio

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