New Beginnings

Ally Brown

We have a lot of new beginnings going on this month here at Oneal's Studio. This website is one of them! We are excited to present a new clean look that Wix offers. Wix editor is very user friendly so if you are looking for a change in your website check Wix out!

What we are most excited about in this season is that our daughter Ally has started working here with us full time this month! She just graduated from Regent University with her bachelors in psychology. She is very talented at creating beautiful images. She has a great eye for composition and color, and her attention to detail is remarkable.

Heather and Dustin Engagement Session

She is also helping in many other aspects of the business such as marketing and coming up with new systems for the studio. She is also very talented in video so we will now be including video as part of our services. Here is a sample of her and her boyfriend, Colson Duggins', work. Check it out so that you can see I'm not just being a proud parent:

I am so excited and blessed for this "new beginning," to have my daughter working with me is a dream come true. She is amazing and I am so proud of her. I thank God for new beginnings. A chance to do things over and learn from past mistakes, and to do things right. I think that's the most valuable thing in life: to be able to have a new beginning.

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